Tour - Set up geofence

What is a Geofence?

A geofence is a virtual barrier that can be drawn onto a map, like Google Maps. Once the device crosses this virtual barrier, Parental Board will provide an alert to the Parent or Administrator via an SMS or in-app notification.

Setting a geofence can also be used to prevent theft or to track a device that has been lost. The only requirement is the app must be already installed on the device and it has an internet connection.

How to set up a Geofence

Create a geofence by creating an area on the map under Geofence in the Parental Board Web Dashboard. Once you’ve created an area, you can then assign a device to it by going to the device, selecting Location and selecting the desired geofence. You can assign multiple devices to the same geofence, have multiple geofences for each device, for different times of the day and any day of the week.

Set up Geofence