Parental Board is now Boomerang Parental Control

Existing Parental Board Users

Free 1 year Boomerang Parental Control licenses for all Android devices

1. Remove Parental Board from all family devices

2. Download Boomerang Parental Control from Google Play

3. Tap I’M NEW and create your Boomerang Parental Control group with the same email as your Parental Board group

4. Follow our onboarding wizard

Use the same Email and Password from your Parental Board group to create your Boomerang Parental Control group.

Once your Boomerang account is created, all active Parental Board licenses will be created under your Boomerang account. For example, if you have 2 active Parental Board licenses, your new Boomerang Parental Control group will have 2 new licenses. These new licenses will be good for one year from the day you created your Boomerang group.

New Users – Get Boomerang Parental Control today

1. Visit our Boomerang Parental Control website.

2. Create your Boomerang group by tapping I’M NEW

3. Follow our onboarding wizard